Crispbread Bites
A brand for sharing

“We have big plans for the future and anyone working with us knows how ambitious we are to achieve these. They also must be able to adapt to change as quickly as we do, and the design by country team are very much up for the challenge!”

Ian Tencor – Joint MD Peter’s Yard

Having partnered with Peter’s Yard for four years, we were delighted to launch a brand new product to their Swedish bakes range. Inspired by Peter’s Yard’s love of Swedish baking, the new Crispbread Bites kept to the company’s core values or authenticity and natural ingredients, yet with a more modern twist.

Aimed at the modern health-conscious consumer and an expanding market in casual dining, the Crispbread Bites are the natural choice for dips and drinks.

Launching a new product, creating new packaging and bringing life to the product from conception to market was the exciting next step in our working relationship with Peter’s Yard. Inspired by the idea of traditional meets modern, we handled advertising, packaging and digital account, as well as directing a photoshoot of enticing and inspirational food images.

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