Crispbread Bites

Crispbread Bites
A brand for sharing

“We have big plans for the future and anyone working with us knows how ambitious we are to achieve these. They also must be able to adapt to change as quickly as we do, and the design by country team are very much up for the challenge!”

Ian Tencor – Joint MD Peter’s Yard

Having partnered with Peter’s Yard for four years, we were delighted to launch a brand new product to their Swedish bakes range. Inspired by Peter’s Yard’s love of Swedish baking, the new Crispbread Bites kept to the company’s core values or authenticity and natural ingredients, yet with a more modern twist.

Aimed at the modern health-conscious consumer and an expanding market in casual dining, the Crispbread Bites are the natural choice for dips and drinks.

Launching a new product, creating new packaging and bringing life to the product from conception to market was the exciting next step in our working relationship with Peter’s Yard. Inspired by the idea of traditional meets modern, we handled advertising, packaging and digital account, as well as directing a photoshoot of enticing and inspirational food images.

Antidote Productions

Antidote productions
Channelling digital

“design by country have been fantastic at translating our brief and providing strategic advice to make our website consistent with the ethos and direction of our business. Keeping our clients in mind, and ensuring the website was clean, relevant and easy to navigate, design by country went to great efforts to understand our brand, guiding us through the process while always listening to our intuition and passion for what we do.”

Laura Jones, Antidote productions

Antidote Productions has a proven track record for producing people-based programmes with an edge; focusing on factual formats and working with both established names and up-and-coming talent. Antidote produced the compelling BBC programme Professor Green: Suicide and Me and a series of probing documentaries presented by emerging talent Livvy Haydock.

With a shared focus on people, stories and life, Country was privileged to work with talented Bafta award-winning producers at Antidote to set up the company website. Antidote had a clear idea of the direction of their work and media presence and we collaborated on building a clean, responsive website that centred on Antidote’s work.

NHS – Walk the walk

NHS – Walk the Walk
Healthier kids, one step at a time

The government’s Department of Health and the non-profit organisation The MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do it!) Foundation approached Country with a brief to help encourage children to become more active through walking every day; whether to school, park or local shops.

It was important to us to make a healthy lifestyle an exciting challenge whereby children and their families would be inspired to choose walking over the car.

We came up with the idea of the Walk the Walk Challenge, a four-week reward programme where children recorded their walking activities.

Creating an enticing bespoke box containing a colourful booklet and stickers with pedometer. Enlisting the talents of illustrator Spencer Wilson.

State-of-the-art waste technology, full stop

“We are leaders in our field, designing and building state of the art recycling facilities for our clients. The team at Country understood our vision and produced a distinctive brand that represented both our invention and expertise.”

Duncan Bowett, Joint owner Waste.Tech

Waste.Tech is an innovative waste technology start-up founded by two experienced industry professionals. Using cutting-edge equipment, the Waste.Tech team supply recycling solutions to the waste industry, applying their expertise to provide the ideal service package from an extensive portfolio.

Waste.Tech founders were ambitious to grow the start-up quickly, engaging Country to create a name and brand, and focus on digital marketing and strategy. We built an identity that reflected the innovative nature of the business and the personality of the two experts behind the technology. Through the influence of one of the founders’ German connections, we explored a modernist approach using influences from Bauhaus. Simple geometric shapes and colours were used to represent the parts of the waste process and to create a distinctive visual language to stand out within the sector.

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