When a client is close to your heart

The process of creating a brand for someone or something you hold dear.

Every branding project is personal in some way but what about when it’s a playgroup that has literally helped raise your own children?

The first thing that springs to mind is: should you take on the project at all? But when you know you can give them something that would otherwise be out of their budget, you know you can’t really say no.

Undertaking non-profit or pro-bono projects gives us an opportunity to give something back to people who give so much to us and wider society. There is, however, always the consideration that you don’t want to potentially damage a close relationship built up over years.


Put your own family into the mix and you have an even more difficult task.


But our view is that the positives outweigh the potential negatives every time and it is a great feeling to be able to give someone something that might ordinarily be out of their reach. Something that will strengthen their work in the future.

During the creative process you put your heart and soul into it, often opening yourself up to criticism and opposition. Then why do it with someone you love? Because through working together you can strengthen the existing bond you have and end up with a regular reminder of how much you mean to each other.

The example of Holy Trinity Playgroup is one which is very close to our hearts. The playgroup has looked after each of my three children with such love and care that I will always be in their debt.


Love was something we knew we wanted to put front and centre of the new brand.


The idea

To achieve this we combined the familiar shapes associated with children’s toys with the stained glass of the church where the playgroup is based. The combination of these two contrasting themes of imagery helps to communicate the key values and purpose of the playgroup to the parents and families. Love and play.


It’s fair to say we put our heart and soul into this project and the outcome was extremely positive for all of us.


Holy Trinity Playgroup now has a brand they are proud of and we have the satisfaction of knowing we have given something back to a wonderfully, caring organisation.

The final identity above.

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